MD24 - PL Title Race Done and Superleague Happening?

Matchday 24 seems like we have hit an inflection point where we are deja vu all over again. Almost a super league within a league. ManCity looks unbeatable even without Aguero and KDB. ManUnited is perceived to be underperforming even though they are in 2nd place. Will Leciester have the staying power after beating up on the once-mighty Liverpool? And Moyes has got West Ham as the I-think-I-can locomotive and tops in London. Ah, Chelsea just stole the dream away. We do a deep dive on the hopes, failings and any potential resurrections. Finally, we have a “gentlemen’s” argument about the Superleague. 

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Chris Mumford(@clmum), a Professor of Innovation at UNC Chapel Hill, is joined by Soccer Analyst Harshal Patel(@harshalp93) and Professional Player Dre Fortune (@drefo_8) and Coach David Seymour (@davidseymour_).